ou Free Doorstep Scrap Collection Service

Free Doorstep Scrap Collection Service
Service only available to domestic households within the Ipswich borough.

We provide a free collection service within the Borough of Ipswich for Ipswich Borough Council.

We will collect any metal item or appliance free from domestic householders. Commercial collections are chargeable.

We re-use as many appliances as possible, which are then passed on to our customers, we then recycle the metal or transport the hazardous waste to an authorised treatment facility.

Connected items such as cookers and washing machines must be disconnected prior to collection.
Scrap CRT televisions and monitors
How to Book a Scrap Collection

Due to the coronavirus crisis all scrap items must be placed outside or in a designated communal waste area. We are not able to enter your home.

Heavy items must be easily accessible allowing them be wheeled away using a sack barrow without navigating any steps or other obstructions.

Outdoor scrap items are collected on designated outdoor scrap collection days.

Booking a Collection
Phone: 01473 404004
Email: service@ipswichfp.org
Please ensure you include a contact telephone number so that we can call you back to arrange collection.

We need to know what items you want collected, your name and initial, full address and postcode and a contact telephone number.

An authorised Ipswich Furniture Project scrap collection van
Scrap Statistics
Last year, of a total of 6,538 second hand electrical items (271 tonnes), our vans collected, 4,371 items (195 Tonnes) were scrap appliances collected for Ipswich Borough Council.

Ipswich Furniture Project is a charity registered in England and Wales, charity number 1151719, registered company number 05170995.
VAT registration number GB 676720214.
Registered Address: Hogarth Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 0EY.

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